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Choosing Your Small Game Hunting Clothing

Choosing Your Small Game Hunting Clothing

The proper clothes for hunting will make spending time in the field more calm and comfortable.

Before going out in the field hunters study their game; and so it should be with hunting clothing.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on an outfit that is right for you:

1. What will you be hunting?

The type of hunting clothing that you need depends largely on what game you hunt. In small game hunting, consider the methods that you will use for every animal. You will need a camouflage patterned fabric when trying to target ducks from your swampy duck blind. Take note that camouflage patterns should imitate those of your surroundings. You need a wetlands or marsh grass type of pattern when duck hunting.

Consider what your needs are; perhaps you require clothing that can protect your body from thickets and heavy brush as you walk through them, a type of clothing material that "breathes" while you constantly move throughout the hunting day, or an insulated type of clothing that is capable of retaining body heat. There many to choose from: there are clothing manufacturers that combine many of these features into just one piece of clothing.

2. What about silent clothing?

Stiff, hard clothing that is usually noisily when it rubs on brush and will warn your prey, either the sound will spook it or will make it wary resulting in a tricky shot.

Soft wool knitted or soft cotton materials are traditional favorites, but today there are synthetic materials available that provide warmth as well as protection.

Synthetic fleece shirts and pants that usually come with waterproof or windproof liners are common choices among hunters. They provide warmth and are fairly silent in the forest. Synthetic fabrics such as shikari and saddle cloth combine abrasion protection, weatherproofing and silence, and have a "slick" finish that will not pick up debris and burrs.

3. What are required hunting suits?

Ask about your State's hunting regulations to determine if they require blaze orange caps and vests when you hunt.

Primarily, you need a shirt and a jacket that does not bind and permits a comfortable


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