IDC funds startup businesses

Trust you are having a great day! Today I want to share with you an opportunity to benefit from some of the industry specific schemes from the IDC. This will interest you if you operate in one of the following industries:

  • Chemical Products and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Basic and Speciality Chemicals
  • Clothing and Textiles Industry
  • Heavy Manufacturer
  • Light Manufacturer
  • Agro Processing
  • Media and Audio Visuals
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • New Industries
  • Tourism
  • Automotive and Transport Equipment
  • Industrial Infrastructure

With a view to supporting the industrial development capacity, the IDC funds start-up and existing businesses up to a maximum of R1 billion, and has some special schemes available, addressing areas such as job creation, youth and women empowerment, funding of innovation, and increasing the competitiveness of manufactured goods.

To find out if you qualify for any of these programmes, please contact us after registering in the portal And if you need expert assistance in creating a viable and fundable business plan, also contact us for more information.